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João Seabra Interview: The man that have decided to take Jump Willy’s ambition a little further and went to Hong-kong.

I’ve meet João 5 years ago and I have to be honest, João is that kind of people that is hard not to like. Talented, nice and handsome, he also knows the best hidden places in Porto to eat the famous “Francesinha”. If that wasn´t enough, João is also the co-founder of one of the sexiest agencies that I know: Jump Willy.

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It has 124 years old, a lot of not sexy things, it´s called General Electric and it´s one of the best in the world in online communication.

When we think about inspiring brands we think in sports or fashion brands. Brands that communicate something much bigger than a product.

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After the farewell. Interview to Catarina, our first intern, at the time to say goodbye.

Catarina, our first intern, was around at the time of Lavvva´s birth. So, we think that the 3 months curricular internship - that now comes to an end - was special, for her and for us.

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There´s Tech Open Air in Berlin!

Combining technology, music, art and science in one place? Yes, it is possible. At Tech Open Air these realities are one. And together they create a single atmosphere that transports you into another universe. TOA is a unique festival that can only be compares to the city that saw its birth: Berlin.

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Our first post that could be like a first kiss but after all it has nothing to do with it.

Writing the first post of your new company is like your first kiss. We have expectations. We feel butterflies in the stomach and we want it to flow as harmonious as a Chico Buarque song.

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