After the farewell. Interview to Catarina, our first intern, at the time to say goodbye.

Catarina, our first intern, was around at the time of Lavvva´s birth. So, we think that the 3 months curricular internship - that now comes to an end - was special, for her and for us.

We went to speak with her to find out her thoughts about being around.


Hi Catarina, your intern finishes next week (…Catarina starts to cry convulsively…) was this what you were expecting? This is how you imagined the everyday life of an agency?

No (laughter), Lavva was my first contact with the reality of companies in the agency world and definitely it wasn’t quite what I was expecting.

During these 3 months intern, I have met and had the opportunity to work with brilliant minds, proactive people with such an admirable dedication and with whom it became pretty funny to work with. And this is what I wasn't expecting, the possibility to perfectly balance professionalism, responsibility, stress, relaxation and the companionship with which Lavva fostered and wowed me over this period.

Having the opportunity to be an intern here was, without a doubt, the most enjoyable and rewarding experience during my degree in Marketing. I found a unique professional culture that I hope to keep with me, both at personal and professional level.

In three months of Lavva, I have lived, learned, experimented and worked in such amazing projects with such great people; I have seen a dream come true, materialism and grow and I still have made part of it, do you think anyway could expect this? Of course not.



Even though half of that is just sucking up, it´s really nice to hear! What did you liked most during this intern?

Cirilo's millions of tabs, Rodrigo's nice tunes, Bruno's photography and Tiago's several characters that live inside him. It was Lavva what I liked most, it was everyone that brings it to life and everything you taught me.

What are you going to do now?

Now i will study a little more, i´m enrolling a master in design and advertising, looking for new challenges and pray that more Lavvas come in my way.





A little piece of advise to your colleagues when it´s time to choose where to have an internship.

I think that having an internship by itself it´s already an enriching experience, either it goes well and it adds something, or it goes wrong and we at least know what we shouldn't do or what we don't like to do.

I came to Lavva without knowing that it would become this, I accepted the challenge precisely because it was a challenge in an area that was close to me but for which I wasn't fully prepared. And this is my advise, not just to a curricular internship but also for a professional choice. Choose something that challenges you, something that makes you uncomfortable and that demands effort, because it´s only by exceeding our limits that we grow as a person and as a professional. Besides of that, i can only wish you to have the same luck i did.




We also loved to have you around Catarina.

You will always be a Lavva Girl!


Posted by Tiago Castro