Our first post that could be like a first kiss but after all it has nothing to do with it.

Writing the first post of your new company is like your first kiss. We have expectations. We feel butterflies in the stomach and we want it to flow as harmonious as a Chico Buarque song.

 But in fact, when it comes to an end, we feel happy if we don't bump our chin on our opponents nose and if we don't feel centrifuged in the process.

To be totally honest, a first kiss is good when it doesn't go bad.- forget about the analogy!(restarting)


In a first post we want to say everything. Explain what brings us here. What are our dreams and desires. What we would like to achieve in the future, why are we creating a new agency.

And it is, in fact, a lot. A lot because leaving a stable company - as some of us did - to embark in the creation of an idea, of a concept: to be one of the best digital agencies in the national market, it is naturally the outcome of a dream and ambition that sometimes goes beyond reason (i hope our wives aren't reading this).

Actually (and yes, i´m making another analogy) starting a new company is like starting a new relationship. We have tremendous expectations and we don't want to make the same mistakes we did in previous relationships.

So, and because at Lavva although we are young we already have a few years in the game, we know that the secret for every relationship that begins it´s not to expect too much. We will live day-by-day and simply try to be the best version of ourselves.

The reason why we created Lavva is because we want to continue to evolve. And because we didn't want to let the creativity and curiosity we have inside disappear. It´s why we think that is possible to do more and better and build brands and digital solutions that have a real impact on peoples lives and on our clients.

In fact, the reason why we created Lavva is to do what we love most with people around us that everyday add something to your life.

We believe you will like what´s coming.


See you soon.

Posted by Tiago Castro