There´s Tech Open Air in Berlin!

Combining technology, music, art and science in one place? Yes, it is possible. At Tech Open Air these realities are one. And together they create a single atmosphere that transports you into another universe. TOA is a unique festival that can only be compares to the city that saw its birth: Berlin.

 Known by the techno clubs, hedonism and for a more libidinous way of life, Berlin has established itself as the Meca for rising start-up scene. And those are the ones that have been filling most of the spots in the various events that fill out the technologic panorama of the german city. One of these events is Tech Open Air (also known just for TOA).



To be part of this event is a unique opportunity for those who enjoy tech, communication, music or arts. It is a melting pot of possibilities, connections and inspiration. Whoever goes surely wont be indifferent to the amount of interesting things taking place, associated to a relaxed and cool profile. The location also helps to provide an unforgettable experience. Designed by the architect Franz Ehrlich, the Funkhaus emantes a super rich history related to the city´s creative culture. Between 1956 and 1990, the building was the headquarters for the East Germany public broadcasting services, housing musicians, producers and artists. Besides the several indoor areas, there are outdoor spaces where part of the event is taking place.

Tech Open Air, which is already in its 5th edition, started being the first event of a kind organized through crowdfunding. It became known, inside and outside Europe, as a tech event, but it is much more then that. It is a conference, or a festiva (call it whatever you want) that has as its goal to bring closer areas like technology, digital marketing, brands, music, arts or science. Curiously, some of the fields that give me more rush and excite me the most. Gather all this with Berlin, one of the cities that have impressed me for its diversity, multiculturality or for the visible contrasts in the architecture and way of life, it´s to create the perfect mix to enrich the mind.



By creating a multi-disciplinary platform, Tech Open Air, allows the exchange of knowledge and experiences, collaboration and development of ideas. It is “the” place to be in the coming 13, 14 and 15.

Apart from the over 120 speakers from great brands like Facebook, Airbnb or Kickstarter, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, start-ups and 7500 attendees from over 40 countries, there are around 175 satellite events and wonderful after parties at some of the most underground clubs in the city.

For those who cant visit the event this month, you can fly to Los Angeles, that will also host TOA, in November.


At the very least, no to be missed!


Ao criar uma plataforma multi-disciplinar, o Tech Open Air, permite a troca de conhecimento e experiências, colaboração e desenvolvimento de ideias. É “o” lugar para estar nos próximos dias 13, 14 e 15.

São mais de 120 oradores de grandes marcas como Facebook, Airbnb ou Kickstarter. Estão presentes empreendedores, artistas, cientistas, start-ups e 7500 participantes de mais de 40 países. Ainda existem cerca de 175 eventos satélite e maravilhosas after parties em alguns clubes do circuito mais underground da cidade.



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Posted by Rodrigo Pereira