We´ve come a long way - Since 2016

Today Lavva turns one year, but in fact it looks like its been over 40.

 The story of an agency like Lavva is by nature a fascinating narrative. It has a dosage (not ) of stress, passion, conflict and, when the stars align, joy, happiness, fulfillment and fun.

This photo as it all. It was taken a long time ago. It was taken 12 months ago *.
And since the day we took this photo a lot as changed.


The world as changed.
And we also changed.


365 days after, Diana gave back her mother the frilly shirt, Tiago is no longer wearing that ridiculous mustache, and Miguel, Bruno and Rodrigo quit that “a la Sopranos” psycho look. The Mac, borrowed for the photo, is also no longer here (for the younger: yes, that´s a computer and it has a hole where you put drives. Sim, drives). And even the logo, made to look a bit more retro, is no longer it.


The 365 days seemed like 40 years because the time of an agency like Lavva is another time.

Here, every minute is precious because by the end of the day we are the great, amazing dudes or the bad and incompetent ones. There´s no halfway in an agency. The halfway agency is one that doesn't live intensely its clients brands, campaigns, product launches. The halfway agency is the one that nobody knows for the simple reason that is already closed.

Here, time is measured in a different way because there´s no easy job and every week is different. Every day is different.

Want to leave your concert zone? Go work in an agency.

When we started we had an ideia in mind, to make Lavva the best digital agency in Portugal. Certainly we are not there yet - a great goal is always ambitious and never easy to achieve - but we are closer than we were a year ago.

Within a year, we´ve managed to win the digital account for one of the largest companies in Portugal, Bosch, we´re launching an app for Hard Rock Lisboa, developed e-commerce platforms from scratch, created great potencial brands and made that many others have now an active online “voice”.

Over the course of a year we´ve created a fantastic team. Made of people and partners whit whom i´m very proud and pleasure to work with.

“We’ve come a long way”

That sentence resumes to perfection what was our first year.

Thank you all that believe and believed in us and all that have worked with us.
Thank you Miguel, Cirilo, Diana and Rodrigo for sharing this journey with me.


PS: in fact the photo was taken 2 weeks ago, for this campaign, but let us all pretend it was 12 months ago, ok?

Posted by Tiago Castro