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  • 2017

This is one of those projects that we love. Create the brand and touch points of a new digital school in our own hometown.

Aveiro Digital School (ADS) offers a range of courses for creative professionals and business leaders in the digital area. Our mission was to create a cool, sexy and appealing brand that speaks directly to the hearts of our audience.

This project is ongoing because Lavva was invited to help and collaborate with the school. And we are very proud to be a part of this.

Lots of colors. One brand. The final result is a brand that has express herself in different forms, different colors. The diversity of this expressions allows the School to promote and communicate the different courses and classes in a dynamic, but always coherent, way.

Client's Voice João Soares da Costa
Aveiro Digital School Marketing Manager

"We were looking for a bold agency, specialised in digital and branding. And I think the final result speak for itself. They had the capacity to act fast and, having into account the ridiculous short time we had to launch everything, it’s a natural reflection of the enthusiastic way the grab this project.

Needless to say that Lavva became our partner and we wish to have them on our side to build the future."

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