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Our client have acquired a historical brand, Banquete, a notorious culinary margarine… in the 70’s.

They ask us to revitalize the brand and we said yes, of course.

With no communication at all we have to start from the beginning. We started by researching old ads from the brand and searching for the community that still had some memories of Banquete.

We realize that people with 60 years old and more, still remember the brand, and started working with this small but still loyal fans.

In a few months the results make us all proud and are fast growing (check the numbers below). But more important than that is that the sales are also rising and everyone is happy!

Client's Voice Pedro Rama
Banquete Sales Director

"Lavva creates and develops highly innovative solutions that really enhance our ideas."

Let's cook! To activate the brand we develop a set of cooking videos with Chef Rui Reigota and share it on the new facebook and instagram brand page. Showing traditional recipes, with a modern twist, we started enlarging our community to new people that didn’t know the brand already.

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