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There are few products that are as Portuguese as Olive Oil.

Its origin is ancestral and in the last years the quality of the Portuguese olive oil has been acknowledged in a formidable way at the international level.

The Best Olive Project, which owns the Cardim Azeites brand and located in the Alentejo plains produces high quality olive oils and is preparing to be one of the largest Iberian producers in the sector.

Working this project was truly a pleasure. Exalting what is best done on the field, something that bring us back child memories, it´s a joy and also a sense of pride.

The project emphasizes the typical, Mediterranean character of the brand and the rural environment that characterizes it. The colors used are based on the olive green and brown tones of the land and the wood of Oliveira.

The images send us to landscapes and places where time does not seem to pass and the food has another flavour.

Illustration a graphic element applied across multiple media of brand communication

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