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  • Elements Contemporary
  • E-commerce
  • 2016

Elements is one of the finest and most sophisticated Portuguese Jewellery companies.

The two brothers, Marco and Nuno dos Santos, continue to carry on the family legacy in the history of jewellery.

With their own brand “Dos Santos” and representing some of the world top brands like Vanrycke, Niessing or Meister, the owners decided to go further in their digital strategy and launch a high-quality new website with an online store.

The main message of the briefing was: "The website as to reflect the top-quality and design of the products and brands that we own and represent.”

The final result is a classic and well-balanced designed e-commerce website that enhances the quality of the products and leads the user for an easy and fluid navigation.

An intuitive search bar We wanted to make the search bar a real gateway to the brand's catalog. Thus, with a single click, it takes up a total area, simplifying the process and improving the experience.

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