Life is a game

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  • 2017

The statement that "Life is a game" could not be more accurate when we talk about FMQ. They even go a little further because their lives is to create games.

FMQ is a software company that develops games for slot machines for the whole world and when they thought making a rebranding they didn´t hesitate and made an all-in on Lavva. The briefing asked for something that reflected the imagery, glamor and fun associated with the culture of the company and casinos and the result is a fresh language that always brings us to the fun, surprising and colorful side of games.

The three letters of the logo "FMQ" emerge from the movement of a slot machine and even static suggests us the idea of movement.

The chromatic palette was selected from the universe of casinos and the presence of elements of gambling, luck / chance is a constant.

Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.

Icons developed for the brand's global image

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